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         The Sanads  given below as (a) to (c) are mentioned and relied upon in the Sadar Dewany      Adawlat
                                                                                                                                                      Judgement, dated the 17th February 1844 :--
(a)   Sanand granted by Maharaja Bishnu Singh, dated the 9th chait Sudi,1150(1742-43 A. D. ).

Maharaja Sri Bishnu Singh, the Lord of Lords and always victorious in battle, to the abode of all blessings, the prosperous Maharaja Kunwar Babu Sri Narendra Singh (may he live long ), blessings:--
        On account of illness I have become very weak . I therefore give you the Raj of Trhut and Dharampur, etc., with the Malikana Dasturs pertaining to Raj. You shall possess them. You shall maintain intact the provisions for maintenance of the females made by the late Raja and also those made by myself; I have made you my Karta.
(b)    Sanad granted by Maharaja Pratab Singh Bahadur , dated the 13th Asar Sudi, 1182.

Maharaja Sri Pratab Singh Bahadur , the Lord of Lords and victorious in battles , to the abode of all good and all blessings, the prosperous Sri Madho Singh, blessings:--
        I have now become old and there is no certainty of life. I am constantly affected with illness more and more serious, so I have gigiven you the Raj of Sirkar Tirhut and Pargana Dharampur and Malikana Dasturs of the Raj and Nankar, Mokarri, and Kamat villages and land, the property possessed and enjoyed by me . Being installed in the Raj, you will enjoy everything and pay the revenue of the Government. I have got no children and so I have made You Karta.
(c)    Sanad granted by  Maharaja Madho Singh , dated the 5th sSawan Sudi, 1186.

Maharaja Sri Ragho Singh, the most noble and always victorious in battles , to the abode of all good and all blessings, the prosperous Maharaja Kunwar Sri Bishnu Singh, blessings:--

     I have given you the whole Raj of Tirhut, Mokarri, and Nankar villages and Dharampur and all the Malikana Dasturs and the Rajgi rights which I enjoy. You shall possess and enjoy the same, you shall maintain intact the assignments. I have made the maintenance of your younger brother Babu Sri Narendra Singh ( may he live ling ) as a Babu and the provisions I have made for the support of his family.