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                                                   SCHEDULE --1
Statement showing estimated value of immovable & Movable Properties of the Estate of Late Maharajadhiraja Dr. Sir Kameshwara Singh of Darbhanga.
 Ptroperties located outside Darbhanga
 1. 42 Chowringhee , Calcutta
2. 5G Radhabazar Street
3. Varanasi - Darbhanha Palace, Nilkanth, Rani Kotha ,Mirghat ,Gomath, Manikarnika Land
4. Allahabad - 22 Chathem line, Darbhanga Castle
5. Baidyanath Dham -Land near Shivganga Tank & Salona
6. Ranchi Land
7. Muzaffarpur vLease Hold
8. Madhubani  Bhoara Palace
9. Kamakhya Hill, Assam
10. Mofassil Quartar in Circles.
Properties located at Darbhanga
1. Rambagh Compound Area ( about 54 Bighas )
   Note-- The above mentioned area within Rambagh compound is exclusive of the following:--
   a. Residential House known as Rambagh Palace ( with some adjoining land ) in which Maharani Rajylakhmi resided and which vested absolutely as per terms of the WILL in Kumar Subheshwar Singh after the demise of the said Maharani in 1976
   b. Under Kameshwara Religious Trust namely Kankali Mandir, Hari Mandir , Devi Mandir , Gsauni Ghar.
    c. One Tank and One Temple of Lakshmipur Trust.
     d.  Rameshwara Singh Regional Archive ( gifted to Govt. of Bihar )
 2. Hospital Area ( about 12 Bighas )
 3. A Type Bunglows On G. M. Road
  4. B type Quarters 1 to 4.
 5. C type quartes 1 to 6., Danby Road
  6. D type Quarters 7 to 14., Danby Road
 7. E type Quarters 14
 8. F type Quarters 15 Single Room - Twin quarters
  9. G type 6 Tiled House Jt.
10. Kanhyaji Kothi
11.Moment's Quarter
 12. Kabraghat House
13. Murari House
14. Ramkrishna Babu
15. Old S. Boarding House
16. 4 Quarters North of Soti Lines.
17. Land Kameshwara Market - Rly Station
18. Mosaddi Lane , Diwani takia
19. Mosaddi Lane at Kaidrabad
20. Land & Structures to Cold Storage (P) Ltd.
21. Tank- Sagarpur, Nim Sagar, Babulalwaia, Alhuapokhar, Bela Tank, Kabraghat, Diwani takia Balbhadarpur-L. sarai.
 Jewellery, Gold Cut Coins ,Time Piece & Watches.including 3 Diamonds Buttons ,Habib Gold Coins , Belgium Gel Coins , Cuff Link Pairs .
Shares & Securities Raj Controlled Copanies
  News Paper & Publication Ltd, Walfords , Darbhanga Laheriasarai Electric Supply Corporation Ltd, Darbhanga Investments, Darbhanga Properties, Darbhanga Cold Storage , Darbhanga Dairy , E. N. G. Co., Darbhanga Press, Darbhanga Sugar , Darbhanga Construction, Darbhanga Industries, Thacker Spink & Co., Park Acceptance.
Rameshwar Jute , Telco, G.K.W., Indian Iron , Ashk Paper, Clibe Mills, Hindustan Bicycle, Indian Machinary, Press Syndicate, Newspaper Allahabad , Richardson & Crudas, Khas Karanpura, Buduan Elec.
 Security Account
 Elgin MIll, Titaghar

Schedule--II( Maharanidhirani Kamsundari Saheba )
Schedule-III (Sriman Rajeshwara Singh & Sriman Kapleshwara Singh)
Schedule-IV ( Kameshwara Singh Public Charitable Trust )
Schedule -V ( Katyayni Dai, , Dibyayani Dai, Sriman Ratneshwara Singh,, Rashmeshwara Singh,      Sriman Rajneshwara Singh,Smt. Netyayani Dai, Chetana Dai, Draupadi Dai, Anita Dai, Sunita Dai.
Schedule _ VI Properties earmarked for sale for payment of Liabilities.

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