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I, Maharajadhiraja Sir Kameshwar Singh ,son of Maharajadhiraja Sir Rameshwar Singh  , deceased of Darbhanga in the state of Bihar in a sound state of body and mind do hereby revoke all my previous wills and Codiciles, If any, and declare that this is the last will Testament of me,the executant , made this fifth day of July,1961 at Darbhanga House,3, Middleton Street, Calcutta.

  WHEREAS I am the holder of an impartible estate commonly known as Raj Darbhanga, which is an ancient principality governed by the rule of lineal primogeniture and of which the holder is the absolute owner having absolute right of alienation by gift intervives or by will.

  AND WHEREAS I am possessed of considerable moveable and immoveable properties including right to compensation in respect of Zamindari properties which have vested in the State of Bihar under the Bihar Land Reforms Act over which I have absolute right of dispsal.

  AND WHEREAS I have also the right of reversion in certain properties which are at present covered by gifts or trusts,or maintenance grants made by the excutant or by my predecessors - in -estate and which are revertible to me on the demise of the donee or donees, or on the termination of the trusts or on the failure of the male line of the maintenance hldres or otherwise.

 AND WHEREAS I have no issue and I have, as my nearest relatives, two wives, namely (1) Maharani Rajyalakshmi and (2) Maharani Kamsundri and three nephews ( sons of my deceased brother Raja Bhadur Vishweshwara Singh) namely (1) Rajkumar Jeeveshwara Singh,(2) Rajkumar Yajneshwara Singh and (3) Rajkumar Subheshwara Singh or whm the first and the eldest Rajkumar Jeeveshwara Singh is major and married to Srimati Rajkishoriji and the remaining two are minorsband unmarried.

  AND WHEREAS I consider it desirable to make diposition of my properties to take effect on my demise , t the persons in the manner and in accordance with the directions hereinafter mentioned,

  NOW I tyhe said Maharajadhiraja Kameshwar Singh of Darbhanga do hereby make the bequests as follows:-
 1. I bequeoath the property mentioned in the schedule "A" to my wife Maharani Rajyalakshmi fo her life for her residence only ( nand for no other purpose). She shall be entitled to reside in the said house and use the furniture and fittings solely without let or hinderance by anybody. After her demise the said property shall vest in my youngest nephew Rajkumar Subheshwara Singh absolutely.

2.Similarly , I bequeoath the prperty mentioned in schedule "B" to my wife Maharani Kamsundari for her life for her residence only ( and for no other purpose ) and at her demise the said property shall vest in my youngest nephew Rajkumar Subheshwara Singh absolutely.

3. I further bequeath to my wife Maharani Rajylakshmi assets of the value of Rs.15( fifteen) Lacs and to my wife Maharani Kamsundari assets of the value of Rs. 15 (fifteen ) Lacs.

4.Subject to the dispositions and bequests mentioned above my entire residue of my estate shall vest in a Board of Trustees consisting of persons named and described in Schedule"C" will hold the property in trusts for my two wives and the children of my aforesaid three nephews ( sons of my deceased brother). The  trustees shall pay out the capital assets Rs. 8 ( eight) lacs to Maharaniu Rajyalakshmi and Rs. 12(twelve) lacs to Maharani Kamsundari, and keep the properties, particularly the house properties in proper repairs. On the demise of my two wives, one-third of the properties shall vest in the children of my youngest nephew Rajkumar Subheshwara Singh born of a wife of his own Brahmin community, and one- third will be divided between the children of my other two nephews, Rajkumar Jeeveshwara Singh and Rajkumar Yajneshwara Singh AND ONE- THIRD WILL REMAIN IN TRUST FOR PUBLIC CHARITABLE PURPOSES.

    I appoint Shri Laakshmi Kant Jha , son of  Pandit Ajaib Jha  deceased of village Balia, Thana Madhubani, District Darbhanga ,and Advocate , Supreme Court as the Executor of this my last will and Testament. The aforesaid Executor shall,on my demise, pay all expenses incidental to or consequent on demise,and also pay all the liabilities that might have incurred before my demise or that may accrue as a consequence of my demise including all public demands payable after my demise in respect of my estate. He shall also get all my assets valued by an all my assets valued by an approved Valuer and shall make distribution of the bequests as per direction given above . In making such distribution of the assets the properties mantioned in Schedule "A" and "B" and also properties situate within the Rambagh compound will not take account. The Executor shall take all the necessary steps to the administration of the estate in accordance with the directions hereinbefore lead down.
1. The residential house at Rambagh at present in occupation of Maharani.
2. The Palace commonly known as Nargouna Palace with attached garden
.                                                                   Schedule"C"
                                                                ( Name of Trustees )
       1. Shri Girindramohan Misra, son of Pandit Bhagwant Bihari Misra deceased of village Behta, Thana Bahera , District Darbhanga.
        2. Shri Lakshmi Kant bJha, son of Pandit Ajaib Jha deceased of village Balia, Thana Madhubani , District Darbhanga.
        .3. Shri Mukund Jha , son of Pandit Ganeshdutt Jha deceased of village Mohanpur, Thana Sadar, District Darbhanga.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have put my hand to this will on the day ,month and year first above written.
Signed by the above named Testator in our presence
who at his request and at the request of each other have
subscribed our names as witnesses                                                         Sd/- Kameshwara Singh

               Sd. S. K. Ghosh, Solicitor,
               6, Old Post office Street, Calcutta.
                Sd. Dwarikanath Jha, Manager,
                 Darbhanga Aviation, 428, Chowringhee,


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  2. Schedule C is something like different from the core of this will. I am not pointing asbi dont know but after reading from top got this feeling. Anyway there are various complexity in properties related to Raj Darbhanga.

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