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Dr.Kameshwar Singh,Pro Chancellor Speech at the Court meeting of BHU on 17th September,1939.

        This  meeting is going to be a landmark in the history of this University. One of the makers of this famous seat of learning is about to sever his official connection with it today. Years ago he saw a dream. It is facinated the leading lights of the day. They toiled to make the dream a reality. Numerous Princes and people of this great country put their shoulder to the wheel, and here on the bank of the holy Ganga in the sacred township of Kasi they reared up this noble institution which establishes a link between the "Gurukulas " of old and the the Universities of today. The dream of th re-birth of Taxila,Nalanda and Vikramsila, at the fair field of Nalagram, in the twentieth century, came true. It ceased to be a dream. It became a concrete object for us and the succeeding generations to behold and admire. The gifted seer, the 'Prime instrument of the Divine Will in this work ' did not stop there. His love for his motherland did not allow him any rest. He ' awakened India with his voice ' and the rulers of the people to help in the work of preserving the vital seed of all religions for future great growth and development a new and for the enactment of mthe Dramas of ever new civilizations which infinitesimally express His boundless Glories '.But human body has its limitations. He  finds that physical infirmities do not him to carry the torch any further; and he has handed it over to the next generation of his countrymen so that the ownward march may continue. On a solemn occasion like this, I bow to him with profound respect.
         Gentlemen, I cannot help being sad today. My recollection carries me back to the day when my late lamented father (Late Rameshwar Singh ) wholeheartedly collabrated with our revered Panditji in the scheme for the establishment of the University and led the deputation of funds for the same. My earliest impression of Malaviyaji, therefore, is indissolubly associated with that of this University. I have always thought that he peronifies the Benares Hindu University. It is therefore , not without considerable wrench that I persuade myself to think otherwise. But it will I am sure give You, as it has given me, no small satisfaction to know that H. E. the Lord Rector has been pleased to nominate him to be the first Vice- Petron of our University on his relinquishing the office of the Vice-Chancellor.
   I read to you the gracious message which I have received from His Excellency the Lord Rector:-
          I am aware of the great services that Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya has rendered to the Benares University during his long association with it. It gives me great pleasure as Lord Rector of the University to recognise those services on the occasion of his relinquishment of the post of  Vice-Chancellor by appointing him to be a Vice-Patron under clause 3(2) of the first statutes of the University.

     Gentlemen, although now he will not actively participate in the affairs of the University, I have no doubt that his robust spirit of devoted service and sacrifice will never fail to guide and inspire those of us who will be engaged in the arduous task of fulfilling his mission, the benefits of his life-long " Tapascharya " will never fail us , and the noble example he has set before us will never be lost sight of . Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya is , as you know, a name , which connotes the soul of entire Hindu India. It is not possible us to adequately express our sense of gratitude towards him . We  are proud to be his countrymen; we are proud to belong to a race which has produced such a great genius, and it is our greatest fortune that his vast wisdom and experience are still available to us . May he be restored to health and live  long .i

        We must congratulate ourselves that the mantle of this great countryman of ours is going to fall on another great countryman of ours who has already attained international reputation as a profound scholar, an original thinker, and an authoritative interpreter of Indian Religion and Philosophy. It is in the fitness of things that the control of the affairs of the University the object of which is to create a synthesis of the East  and  the West should be primarily in the hands of one who has made a special study of the subject and has the vigour ,enthusiasm and ability to put his precepts into practice. Again, it is remarkable that he will continue his connections with Calcutta and Oxford while discharging his duties and obligations to this University. I have every hope that by this way he will be able to establish an effective contact between the Eastern and weastern civilisation and culture and with the past and the present create a future worthy of glorious literary traditions of this ancient place. I wish him God-speed and pray that during his (Dr, S. Radhakrishnan ) Vice- chancellorship the University may flourish and the object with which it was established may be fulfilled.

            Gentlemen,  I do not wish to detain you any longer. But before dealing with other items in the agenda I would request the Court to pass the following resolution which indicates our thought of the moment :---

This special meeting of the Court of Benares Hindu University places on record its deep debt of gratitude to Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya to whom the University owes its being and remarkable development. It can never forget the invaluable services he has rendered to it as its Vice- Chancellor for a period of twenty Years. The Court prays that he may be spared for many years to inspire and guide the activities of this great institution and help the upbuilding of this great nation.


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    GOOD READ and photos.

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