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Rameshwar Singh succeded to the Darbhanga Raj on the death of his brother on 18th December 1898.He received a librel education in English,Sanskrit and persian.He studied in the queen's College, Banares, and was with his late brother under the private tution of such an eminent educationalist as the late Mr.Charles Macnaghten and of Mr.J. Alexander and captain Evans Gordon.He was for some years member of the Indian Civil Service and when he resigned the service in order to look after his private affairs he received the title of Raja Bhadur,was exempted from attendance in the Civil courts and was make a member of the Bengal Legislative Council under Sir Stuart Bayley. He has several times been elected as an additional Member of the Viceroy's Legislative council by the non-official members of the Bengal Council.He served as a member of the Police Commission and acted for more than five years as the first Indian Member of the Executive Council of the Government of Bihar and Orissa.
Being the hereditary leader of the Srotriya clan,the highest class of Brahmans, he is recognised as the accredited head of the entire Brahman community not only in Mithila but throught India.He presided over the First All-India Brahman Confrence held at Lahore and 1920-21 presided over the Bengal Brahman Confrence held at Mymensingh. .He is the acknowledged leader of the Orthodox Hindus throughout India.In 1900-01 he was elected Life- President of the Bharat Dharam mahamandal,an All-India Religious Organisation with its head-quarters at Benares which had theirs branches all over the Country and with which many Ruling Chiefs were connected.On the occassion of the Coronation of His Majesty the King- Emperor at Delhi,the Maharaja led a deputation of the recognised Heads of all the Religious Sects including Mahomedans,Jains,Sikhs,etc., and presented them to Their majesties. He had presided over the Parliament of Religions held at Kolkata and Allahabad to promote unity between different religions and sects of India. His Highness Maharaja Channdra Shamsher Jung Bhadur of Nepal and Ruling Chiefs such as Their Highness the Maharajas of Gwalior,Kashmir, Jaipur and others looked upon him as their Guru or religious head and pay him the respect due to his position.The present Hindu University of Benares is the result of his munificence, lead and labour undrtaken at great sacrifice in its early days.
He enjoys the confidence of the Mahomedans and received ovations and addresses from both Hindus and Mahomedans wherever he traveled .His reception  and ovation at Aligarh, the big centre of Mahomedan influence, were historic when he visited the place at invitation of the leaders. When he visited Mumbai, he was received with marked respect by the Aga Khan who took a leading part in the big public meeting convened under the presidentship of the Maharaja to promote the Hindu University movement..The Senate of the Benares Hindu University confers the Honorary Degree of Doctor of Letters on the Hon'ble maharajadhiraja Sir Rameswar Singh Bhadur,G.C.I.E,K.B.E., of Darbhanga,in recognition of his eminent position and attainments by MADAN MOHAN MALAVIYA,Vice-chancellor on 19th January,1924.Chancellor of the Calcutta University nominated him to be an Honorary Fellow Of the University vide Home Department notification No.474,dated the 29th May,1908.He was the Pro-Chancellor Of Hindu University.He was one of the Trustees of the Victoria Memorial at Calcutta.

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