Monday, 19 August 2013


This scheme was elaborated by Sir Walter Lawrence at a meeting of the Royal Institue, London. He believe that this is the only way towards that distant dreamland of an India holding its own in the civilised world. He expressed that we cannot keep that vast Continent, with its 315 millions of people, for ever in pupilage and present curriculum is leading not to sane,strong manhood,but rather to wild outbreak of youth in school.We have worked on too large  a scale and our scaffolding is too big for the house. The huge medley of races, of religions which is contained in a British Province is too large for the grasp of ordinary citizens and in the new Indian States we should have some chance of homogeneity, some chance of common action, some hope of indigenous growth and life. And I look forward to the United States of India, bound by ties of love and gratitude to the great Nation which served to guide them aright. I look forward to those States playing a great and wonderful part in the destinies of mankind.  I can see an India whose writers, poets, statesmen and soldiers will have a reputation throughout the world, loyal to the British Empire and grateful to the old and generous school which taught them to play the game.

I would turn the whole of British India into Indian States. This cannot be done in a day nor in a year but it can be done gradually. A few years ago the British Government created a new Indian State when His Highness the Maharaja of Benares was created a ruling Chief. All over India there are great persons like the Maharaja of Beneres.

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