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The history of the Royal family shows that the descendants of Mm Mahesh Thakur often engaged in military operations to subjugate generally the neighbouring chiefs and at times against greater powers. Nawab Ali Vardi Khan , who was always in need of money owing to the great wars he has engaged in during the whole of his eventful career and was in consequence bent upon reducing the Hindu Chiefs of Bihar and Orissa, attacked Maharaja Raghava Singh who fought against him . An account of this fight is found in the Riyaz- Us- Salatin by Abdus Salam,296, Calcutta ,1802 Edition:--- " And being aided with the Afghans, Ali Vardi advanced with his forces against the tracts of the Rajas of Bettiah and Bhowara ( the capital of Sirkar Tirhut) who were refractory and trubulent. Their regions had never previously been trod by the feet of the armies of former Nazims, nor had their proud heads ever bent before to any of the former Subadars. Indeed they had never before paid the Imperial revenues and taxes. After fighting with them incessantly, Ali Vardi Khan became victorious and triumphant. Raiding and pillaging their tracts, Ali Vardi Khan carried off a large booty amounting to several lakhs in specie or other effects, and setting with the Raja the amounts of tribute, presents and the Imperial revenue, he raised an immense sum. " In lieu of the tribute which used to be paid to the Moghul Emperor very irregularly or not at all, the Nawab fixedit at one lakh of rupees per annum of the entire Sirkar Tirhut. Maharaja Raghava Sing carried operations against Bhup Singh, a Chief of Nepal territory, who had taken possession of  Parganah Panch Mahal (in Muzaffarpur district).Bhup Singh was defeated in a battle and killed: a contempory account of this engagement in verse is still current in Mithila. He  fought three more battles. His son , Raja Narendra Singh , had to fight the Subadar of Patna who had sent an army under Fouzdar Bhikari Singh , Salawat rai, and  Bhagat Singh. A sanguinary battle took place between the two armies at Kandarpighat  in which two of the Subadars Generals were killed and a  third ( Bhikhari  Mahta ) sought safety in flight.  A vivid account of this battle was written in the form of Kavya by Lala Kavi , brought to light by Sir George Grierson , the famous Orientalist ; and two other popular ballads are also extant . The military officers of Raja Narendra Singh who led in that battle were rewarded with jagirs which are still in the possession of their descendants. The family history written by his contemporary , Gopala Kavi , mentions that Maharaja Narendra Singh was asked by the Emperor Muhammad Shah to render service by marching against two Muhammadan Chiefs on the North- Western Frontier, that his faithful services were appreciated by the Emperor and that "Svatantra " raja privileges were given to him by the Emperor in reward,  All the raja of Sirkar Tirhut upto the time of Raja Madho Singh were always styled in their official documents are "ever victorious in battle. " a style then used only by those princes who had military power.
Bhowara Fort 
Kandarpighat Battle Memorial

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